Council of Catholic Women seeks ways to attract youth

The St. Francis of Assisi Parish Council of Catholic Women (CCW) meeting was held Sept. 2 to elect and install officers for the coming year. President Lois Polt welcomed the 30 women present. Minutes and Treasurer’s reports were read and approved.

Motion made, seconded and approved to stop paying the pest control bill from the CCW budget and have it revert back to the St. Francis office.

Monica Fulton presented the Deanery report. Though the Deanery usually meets three times yearly, COVID has prevented that and the last face-to-face was in October 2019. Zoom meetings and virtual conferences have been held instead. A face-to-face meeting is planned for October. Meetings consist of mass, business meeting, card signing, reports from other parishes and conversations about topics being discussed that day. Check out the website to see all the good still being done.

Communications were passed to each table to be read. Motion made, seconded and approved to cancel the rummage sale for this year.

Funeral Teams have been arranged into six teams, eight ladies to a team with two co-chairs. Polt, funeral coordinator, will contact each team once information has been received about a funeral. A team will be assigned, and if there’s more than one funeral a week the next team will be called and so on, until all six teams have been contacted and the rotation starts again. Only cakes are being served.

The By-Laws Task Force discussion was tabled.

The Slate of Officers for 2021-2022:

• Co-Presidents — Marjorie Higgins and Rose Groteluschen

• Treasurer — Kathy Minkel

• Secretary — Monica Schneider.

• Ruth Jacobson remains Corresponding Secretary.

• Ginger Eich will remain as Historian.

The Francis Fest and November bake sale plans were tabled until October. CCW enhancement discussion began. There are challenges and the group dynamics have changed. Many younger women who are Catholic are not present at meetings. Something is needed to attract them — a speaker, an educational opportunity, become a service group instead, begin a Ladies gathering and have a time to socialize and witness. The trick is to find something that will appeal to all to further faith formation. The co-presidents asked everyone to brainstorm what they think are positive ways to forge ahead. Discussion will continue at the October meeting.


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