IVCCD referendum is Kiwanis P.M. program

President Kenny Lamb called the meeting of Kiwanis P.M. to order at 7 p.m. on Wednesday with the Pledge of Allegiance and a moment of silence. Peggy Lamb introduced speakers Kristie Fisher, Cindy Schulte and Kathy Pink, representing Iowa Valley Community College District and the upcoming referendum on Nov. 5.

Education has long been important to the community. Nothing proves this more than the beginnings of Marshalltown Community College in 1920, then known as a Junior College. Its mission was to provide further education and a better workforce. Ellsworth Community College in Iowa Falls, also part of IVCCD, began in 1890 as a Music Conservatory. Preparing students for the future with quality education, staying in touch with the needs of the community and its workforce has long been a mission of MCC.

IVCCD that includes Marshalltown, Iowa Falls and Grinnell needs support now to continue having the No. 1 transfer rate to further education, the No. 2 nursing program in the State and No. 3 in both student success rate among all Iowa Community Colleges and Precision Agriculture program in the Nation. It is important that the STEM programs have facilities that keep them at the top of their class, that job training and retraining for local business continues to expand. IVCCD needs to have campuses that look inviting to attract new students and be safe and secure. These things can only happen if the district supports the community colleges with a yes vote. The impact on property taxes will be minimal, but the impact on the community will be substantial.

The meeting continued with the welcoming of Shirley Wyngarden as a new member. Peggy Lamb said the speaker for Oct. 30 is Lucas Badke with a courthouse upNov. 3, 2019. Public welcome, 7 p.m. at Legends.


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